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Skincare 101

You only look as good as your skin!

good skin care makes a difference

Here’s your chance to improve how you look and feel. And believe it or not, your skin has a lot to do with. After all, your skin is actually the largest organ (of sorts) of your body. Think about it for a second. The surface of your body regulates heat and cold, keeps good stuff in and bad stuff out, and protects you from the big scary world. Yet, many of us neglect to care for such an important part of well-being, and like it or not, it shows!

Has anyone ever asked you if you’re tired… when you feel fine? Or guessed your age and came up with a number which was far older than what you really are? It’s ok, sooner or later we’ve all been there (or will soon enough). There’s a lot of factors of why people could think those things about you, but your appearance, and more specifically your skin is telling them more about you than you probably prefer. Lines or crow’s feet around your eyes and forehead. Dry and wrinkled skin from too much time in the sun. Bags under your eyes or the worst, loose skin around your neck and arms. All these non-verbal signs are indicators of how well you’ve been taking care of your skin… or not!

But it’s not all bad news. There is help! Even for women that have ignored caring for their skin for years can still turn back the clock, repair damage, and look younger, sexier, and healthier. The good news is that there are so many products, treatments, systems, and methods to do exactly this – help your skin look and feel better. And the results will not only help you look better, but can help you feel better emotionally, physically and mentally too. It’s true.

I’m Rita and a bit of a skin fanatic you can say. It’s a big deal to me and I want to help you. So I’m constantly on the look out for ideas, secrets, tips, deals, discounts, remedies, you name it for better, healthier, sexier skin. I really believe it doesn’t have to be that hard to make a difference and it doesn’t have to break your wallet either. So as I discover new ways to make you look the way you always wanted to look, I’ll share them with you!

your skin can determine how you look

For example, the weather’s warmer and I could certainly use a darker shade of skin instead of my normal pale winter self. So… I found some great places to find the best tanning lotions of 2014. Websites like http://choco-coat.com have some great insights on what’s hot right now with tanning products, lotions and reviews. But that’s not all, read more about the best self tanners.

So stop on by as I uncover more ways to help you look younger and let your skin do the talking for you!

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